Alumni organized and helped Will Baker build this team as judges, coaches, web designers, cheerleaders and donors supporting the creation of NYU's debate legacy.   From tubs to tablets, our history frames the current successes of NYUCEDA Debate. 

Since the 1990s, the NYU policy debate team has consistently produced accomplished, high-achieving alums who have gone on to fabulous careers in academia, law, business, and government.   The NYUCEDA alumni portal features updates as well as BLASTS from the PAST to connect alums with each other, the current squad and across decades.

The first official NYU debate reunion was held on May 2-4, 2015.  Our next reunion will be in May 2025.   During the pandemic, CEDA alums have participated in Virtual Happy Hours and found other ways to connect.  Help identify other debate alums, their accomplishments, their families and their lives.  Feel free to share memories about when you debated and what debate means to you.



Jackson Booth

Kate Brindle

Bryte Bu

Angelafaye Cammayo

Jason Clark

Justine Daniels

John Dellamore

Nick Felice

Anna Bryce Flowe

Richard Garner

Nathan Grau

Andrew Hon 

Alexander Hsu

Kristine Itliong

Ritikaa Iyer

Josh Johnwell

VIK Keenan

Minjae Kim

Henry Knight

Hope Lam

Camila Leal

Zhane Lloyd

Kerry Luo

Simran Maker

Alex Marcopolous

Jennifer Messina

Neeha Mujeeb

Sergey Nazarov

Helena Ong

Emily Ostrowski

Vladimir Pavlov

Amanda Pescovitz

​Kathryn Rubino

Jacqueline Samuel

Jennifer Schramm Sticca

Kristin Feeley Shapiro

Ellen Snare

Erin M Szczechowski

Sarah Trench

Efrain Vera

Kathy Wang

Jake Weigler

Alec Wright

Michelle Wu

Brenda Xu

Pei Xu

Shreyas [Sean] Yajnik

Bobby Zhan

Duo Zheng

Gloria Zheng

If you have news on other alums, please share it with us!