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NYU Clash of Scholars Tournament

August 11-13, 2023

Parli Novice Team

Parli Varsity Team

Parli Varsity Team Night Owl

PF Novice Team

Welcome to the NYU Clash of the Scholars 2023 Tournament! We offer two formats: Public Forum and British Parliamentary. Both offer varsity and novice divisions.

For parliamentary, each judge covers 4 teams. Judges cover 2 teams for public forum. Judges are obligated to be available through either the first elimination round or one round past whenever your last team is eliminated. Getting judges for uncovered teams can be done either through Tabroom or Hired Judge Exchange.

- Pricing is $100 per team in PFD or BP, regardless of division. 
- The maximum is 20 total entries per school total across ALL divisions.

- Select the # of teams for each event below using the "add to cart" buttons in each one. PayPal will place all your entries into one shopping cart and generate a single invoice with the total cost. It will open a new PayPal page each time, but it will always link to the same shopping cart. 
- For credit card payments, click the grey "check out without a PayPal account" button and then pay with credit or debit card. 

Note to Directors: Payments must be completed by the registration deadline or teams may be removed from the draw.  You will receive confirmation receipt from BCA.

Parli Novice Team Night Owl

PF Varsity Team