​​​​The NYU CEDA team fosters a community-oriented, competitive and supportive environment built on resilience, rejuvenation and innovation.  

        Alejandro Scott, CAS Alum, Michael K. Davis Honoree, 2021-22 NYUCEDA President 

​​All major policy changes for our communities, our health, our economy, our laws and our environment begin with one person persuading someone else that they have a good idea.   
    Brent Farrand, Founding Director, Jersey Urban Debate League; former Head Coach, Newark Science High Debate team

There is no better testing ground for emerging changemakers than robust, evidence-based debates that test philosophies, scholarship and complex policies from the conservative to the radical.
Will Baker, Director of the NYU Global Debate Fund, and Founder New York Urban Debate League 

Why Give? 

​Research and competition inspires them to ask tough questions, embrace challenging conversations with friends, family and the NYU campus community from power structures to sexual orientation to global citizenship and host public events to broaden the conversation.
These opportunities require transportation, lodging, meals, fees and coaches and none of those costs are decreasing.   Your support is pivotal to help bridge the gap. 
In 2015, Alan Ostrosvky, a former debater from another East Coast program was quoted as saying “Schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Berkeley and NYU consistently produce wonderful debaters."  We agree.   NYU’s program has made a unique mark on the world of debate by involving students across the socioeconomic spectrum, being proactive in its involvement with social justice, spurring global debate competition and positioning students for success after they leave the activity.

If debate has helped you or someone in your life, please consider a gift to the NYU CEDA team.    

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