116 speaker awards, 72 team awards were won by 75 different debaters

​39 National Debate Scholars (14 Summa,  12 Magna Cume Laude, 13 Cum Laude)

11 Coaching awards for NYU staff, 2 CEDA Academic All-Americans


Record-setting semester elim percentage 93.5% (NYU sent 31 teams to tournaments AND 29 of them made elims): Fall 2013
Season best elim percentage 79% (We sent 52 teams to tournaments and 41 made elims)

Teams that have gone through entire tournaments undefeated 

Zhane Lloyd/Kristin Raveneau (University of Texas Dallas JV Division 2017)

Tara Dalton/Erin Szczechowski (West Point Tournament Novice Division 2016)

Last Novice to Qualify for the NDT   Kristine Itliong with Bobby Zhan (2015)

National Championships:  CEDA [2003}

Highest Rankings: 7th in the Nation (CEDA Rankings 2017)  8th in the Nation 2017 (NDT rankings 2017)  

 Major Individual Team/Speaker Highlights

  • 2018  CEDA National Championships 17th in the Nation  (Joshua Johnwell/Zhane Lloyd)
  • 2018  CEDA National Championships 18th in the Nation  (Jack Booth/Alex Sherman)
  • 2018  5th Place JV National Championships (Kathy Wang/Alex Sherman)
  • 2018  9th Place JV National Championships  (Logan Reed/Faizan Hussain)
  • 2018  9th Place Novice National Championships (Paul Mapara/Kristen Gourrier)
  • 2018 University of Texas-Dallas JV Division Co-Champions (Kathy Wang/Logan Reed & Josh Johnwell/Adejoke Mason) 
    2018 University of Texas-Dallas Tournament 5th Place-Junior Varsity Division (Kristen Gourrier/Jin Choi)
    2018 University of Texas-Dallas Tournament-Top Speaker Junior Varsity Division (Josh Johnwell)
    2018 University of Texas-Dallas Tournament-2nd Place Speaker, Junior Varsity Division (Adejoke Mason) 2018 University of Texas-Dallas Tournament-3rd Place Speaker, Junior Varsity Division (Jin Choi)
    2018 University of Texas-Dallas Tournament-5th Place Speaker Junior Varsity Division (Kristen Gourrier) 2018 University of North Texas Tournament-Top Speaker, Junior Varsity Division (Jin Choi)

  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love Champions-Open Division (Jack Booth/Alex Sherman)
  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love 3rd Place-Open Division (Joshua Johnwell/Zhane Lloyd)
  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love 5th Place-Open Division (Faizan Hussain/Logan Reed)
  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love-Top Speaker Open Division (Alex Sherman)
  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love-2nd Place Speaker Open Division (Jack Booth)
  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love-8th Place Speaker Open Division (Joshua Johnwell)
  • 2017 Cornell Tournament of Love-10th Place Speaker Open Division (Zhane Lloyd)
  • 2017 Monmouth Tournament Champions-Junior Varsity Division (Bryte Bu/Gloria Zheng)
    2017 Monmouth Tournament 5th Place-Open Division (Kathy Wang/Jenny Zheng)
    2017 West Point Tournament 5th Place-Novice Division (Vivian Cheng/Camilla Leal)
    2017 West Point Tournament 8th Place Speaker Novice Division (Vivian Cheng)

  • 2017 West Point Tournament-5th Place Speaker Open Division (Alex Sherman)
    ​2017 West Point Tournament-6th Place Speaker Open Division (Kathy Wang)
    2017 West Point Tournament-2nd Place Speaker Novice Division (Camilla Leal)
  • 2017 2nd Place Novice National Championships (Bryte Bu/Gloria Zheng)