Working with the financial aid office is the most likely path to aid at NYU.  Over 450 merit-based scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to $20,000, were awarded to the previous entering class. First-years received approximately $41 million in financial aid, of which $25.7 million was in the form of scholarships. (Please note that there is no separate NYU application for merit scholarships. All students who are offered admission are automatically considered.). 

If you are a domestic student, the primary forms you need to apply for all NYU and federal aid are the Free Application for Financial Student Assistance (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile. International Students only need to fill out the CSS Profile. The NYU Committee for National Scholarship Competitions invites applications each year for a number of national scholarships, fellowships, and grants. To apply, you must prepare well in advance.  Learn about them early in your academic career, especially if you are already thinking about graduate study.    

* Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships    

* Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships    

* Bienecke Memorial Scholarships 

* British Marshall Scholarships     

* Harry S. Truman Scholarships    

* Henry Luce Foundation Scholarships

* J. William Fulbright Grants     


In the last six years, debaters received over $50,000 in awards.  The NYU Global Debate Fund hosts the annual Presidential Global Debates, the  most lucrative intramural college debating competition in the world which offers over $30,000 in cash & prizes to eligible NYU students on any global campus.    Policy debaters earned over $7,000 in awards in its inaugural season and continnue to earn prizes each year.

Additionally, through partnerships with Success Academy, the American Debate League as well as independent tutoring contracts, our talented debaters have opportunities to judge, coach, and obtain summer jobs and fellowship options locally, virtually as well as for community service.