NYU CEDA welcomes any support of our program that you can give.  Despite our continued success, NYU CEDA faces tough economic times.

With the re-organization of CSALS, NYU coaches are no longer paid by the university.  We are the only CEDA program consistently ranked in the top 20 in the nation that does not have a full-time coaching position. 

Each year, travel expenses increase and university dollars decrease as the team is placed in a pool with over 430 other university clubs.  This year, we received a $3500 budget cut in the Fall of 2018.   

Many are debate alumni who volunteer over 50% of their time.   

Donations can be earmarked for specific events or general purposes  by selecting from the drop down menu items in the shopping cart. 

Thank you for helping keep the transformative power of debating alive for 50-80 students a year!!


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