Big, big thanks to our partner, Brewer Attorneys for their on-going support of debate at NYU.  The NYU CEDA team has served as active partners with the Brewer Foundation on the International Public Policy Forum [IPPF] for a number of years. 

This incredible experience connects high school students, college students and adults from law, business and academia as part of the largest written debate competition in the world.  Students from NYU serve as graders, judges and ambassadors for the high school teams volunteering over 300 hours in 2019 alone.  We appreciate and salute Brewer's investment in debate.  To learn more about IPPF, visit 


Our hearts break for for all the families both inside and outside the debate community who suffered tremendous economic, health and spiritual losses.   As a nation we are strong.  We will learn from this and come back. 

The community at large did not escape COVID-19's wrath.  For the first time ever,  the JV/Novice National Championships,  CEDA Nationals, the NYU Presidential Global Debates and the NDT were all cancelled this year.   NYU went from preparing for & expecting impressive finishes to limbo in a 2-week span. Like many sports and activities, seniors lost the chance to live out life-long dreams as careers ended abruptly without the one thing that drives them:
a chance to compete against the best.  As institutions of higher learning, we will assess our roles, our safety measures and our preparedness for future pandemics and other unanticipated events.   NYU will be left with many tough choices around funding and activities so how can a debate squad think ahead?  

NYU debate alumni now realize we might not know our costs or our needs until it's  too late to react.  The team needs a safety net so the legacy of debate can be preserved. Many of your fellow NYU debate alumni are volunteering their time as coaches and judges on weekends.   

This is a moment year when as parents, alums and people who believe in these students and the power of debate,  need to step up.   

Thank you for helping keep the transformative power of debating alive for 50-80 students a year!!