Team Officers

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Public Relations Officer: Adelle Fernando

Adelle Fernando is a junior Computer Science student at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering with a minor in Integrated Digital Media. After being asked if she was “alright in the head” when she told her high school speech coach that she was doing policy, she proved that she was when she made it to out rounds with Iko Agada at Rutgers, their first tournament. This past year she saw great success with Aliyaah Toussaint while running her and Iko's iconic Avatar the Last Airbender aff, securing a regional championship and 1st Speaker at the Novice National championships while embracing her passion for voice acting. She is excited to work with novices this year to strengthen the team she so greatly enjoys being a part of.

Treasurer: Warrington Webb

Warrington is a Senior Politics and MCC student out of NYUs Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.  Even before becoming an officer, he created and ran the NYU CEDA Help Desk with Alejandro coordinating activities and assisting debaters with tech and debate needs. He has a friend who can quote multiple Marvel movies scene for scene. He has also asked that it be included that he loves barefoot walks on Pebble Beach because he loves the pain. He has been debating for three years.

Data Governance Officer: Sarika Doppalapudi


Sarika Doppalapudi is a Junior Collective Memory in Public Spaces major in NYUs Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a minor in Music. After joining the team, she made elims at her first college tournament and has continued that track record of debate excellence including 2nd in the nation at JV Nationals and making elims at CEDA Nationals. She has 20 tattoos, and has been debating for nine years. 

Photo Credit: Betty Wu 

Secretary: Maggie Pierce

Maggie Pierce is a Senior majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy at the College of Arts & Sciences. After transferring from the University of Wyoming in 2020, she qualified for the NDT, cleared at CEDA Nationals and was a regular in elim rounds this past season with her partner, Faizan Hussain. She has been debating for seven years, three of which have been in policy.

Webmaster: Ethan Rosen

Ethan Rosen is a Junior Computer Science student at NYUs Tandon School of Engineering. After closing out Rutgers at semis with Brandon Lu and winning the Hoosier Invitational with Ivan Ziabkin, he has gone on to work in the shadows to assist the team. As the logistics coordinator and co-writer of the team’s birthday posts, he has taken up initiatives to bring the team together and foster a positive community. He has been debating for eight years. 

President: Alejandro Scott

Alejandro Scott is a Senior Economics student out of NYUs College of Arts & Sciences with a minor in Business Studies. During his first year on the team, he won the Novice United States Military Academy Tournament with James Peng. Previously, as the team's Vice President, he implemented programs meant to engage and increase support for Novices including the experienced debater office hours and the mentorship program. He has been debating for four years.​

Vice President: Pacy Yan

Pacy is a Senior studying philosophy and bioethics. She served as the NYU CEDA Treasurer on the 2019-20 E-Board and coordinated the team's IPPF community service initiative in both 2019 and 2020. Besides being on the debate team, she has been involved with various other student organizations on campus including the CAS Student Council, the NYU Undergraduate Law Review (ULR), and the Philosophy Forum. She is the incoming President and Editor-in-Chief of the ULR and a Managing Editor for the Philosophy Forum's (forthcoming) journal, NEO. This past year, she helped run the first Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at NYU for which she also served as Head of Paper Review. This is her eighth year being involved in debate, several of which involved teaching at summer debate institutes.