Amazing Advocates 

Amazing Advocates 2017 

Law and Human Trafficking

​Speaker: Martina Vandenberg, founder & president of The Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center

Principal Organizer: Angela Cammayo

Amazing Advocates 2018

Panel: On the Front Lines of Health Care: Perspectives You Should Know

​Speakers: ​Nicole Harrison, LMSW;  Ruth Harmon, PMI & Dr. Peter Navario  

Principal Organizer: Bryte Bu

To place in the top 20 teams in the nation consistently, our debaters read over 6,000 articles, books, and blogs about topics like healthcare disparities, law, foreign policy, economics, philosophy and military preparedness each year.  To give that reading a real world context, we culminate each season by hosting an event called the Amazing Advocates Series where we bring in talented, smart thought leaders to discuss a related dimension of that season's debate resolution.   One NYU CEDA team officer joins with Director Will Baker as the Principal Organizer for the event. 

Amazing Advocates 2019 

Public Debate: NYU v. Univ. of Texas-Tyler 

Inviting Controversial Speakers to Campus Principal Organizer: Josh Johnwell

Amazing Advocates Spring 2020
Panel: Space Next Gen: Global, Galactic and Everyday Impacts on our Lives


Dr. David Hogg,  Dr. Farzad Mahootian

Principal Organizer: Alejandro Scott

Amazing Advocates Fall 2020
Debatewatch Presidential Debate Series Co-Sponsored with the Commission on Presidential Debates and the AFA 
Speakers:  Donald Trump & Joe Biden

[NYUCEDA hosted a Debatewatch Zoom & Reactions Event]
Principal Organizer: Alejandro Scott