Easy Ways to Support Fellow Alumni & the Team 

Share Opportunities --  Whether it’s a mid-level post, a fellowship, or an internship, list openings at your  firm. People always want to maximize their options.

 Help Out With Tournaments – Can you judge, coach or host the team for a meal in your city?  Let us know. 

 Provide Referrals – Are you connected with HS debaters or in touch with fellow debate alumni?  Encourage them to learn more about the NYUCEDA team

Offer Expertise – Does your business offer great products & services? Debate alumni represent an untapped source of clients,  Also, debaters are wonderful beta-testers.

Start a Local Chapter – NYU debate alumni are truly global. Take the lead in locating people in your neck of the woods from similar backgrounds

Give What You Can --  Whether it’s time, testimony or treasure, post-COVID pressures create unprecedented needs for NYUCEDA.  Any support you can give is vital.

Suggestions or opinions?

Email you thoughts, or come see us in person.


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